Things I am lovin' right now...

Hall Pass
{who knew it would actually be funny?!}

Getting all my craft supplies organized!
{who knew one girl could have so much stuff?}

A husband who is doing my dishes
{after a couple of months of late nights Ryan finally gets home before 8!}

Rainy mornings
{cause it's nice to wake up and have coffee before work and the day gets hectic}

Vacation time 
{starting Friday at noon, meeting Albert Pujols in the middle, and ending in 9 glorious days!}

Dreaming about upcoming craft projects
{I have a seriously cute DIY idea for wall art and I hope, I hope it works!}

New video camera
{for the biz...my brother is going to do our videography!}

Red Dead Redemption
{yeah did I mention that I am closet xbox gamer? it's how I relieve stress}

Searching for wedding venues
{for a good friend}

What are you lovin' right now???

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