Are we there yet?

Am feeling very tired this Friday.  I know haven't been as creative or inspiring around here lately but please do not be discourage with me.  Good things are coming.  I am working my little tail off over here at 906 behind the curtains and soon, very soon,  I will be coming back to full force.

Juggling a job while also starting a business, renovating a home, and thinking about babies has my head all spinny and it feels like my thoughts are never going to slow down and be cohesive again.  I have so much to do and so little time.  I know this is a challenge for most women.  But I need to say it- it's hard.  We all want to be Wonder Woman but tonight I feel like Wimpy Woman.  I needed a good trip to the thrift store and some Real Housewives to calm my mind and nerves {found some freakin' awesome props for the biz! pics to come}

Next week comes renewal {and nice much needed vacation} and Albert!  Next Thursday we are headed for good ol' St. Louis for the Cardinals game and to meet the best player in baseball {yes along with playing X-Box I also love baseball- I know the line up, some stats, I don't get crazy with it but I definitely sport something sporty : ) }

Hope you have a happy crafty weekend!

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