L is for love seat...

So please excuse the mishmash of furniture in my living room.  It is going through some big changes!  We sold our old couch and chair set!  Hurray!  I was ready for a change from beige.  We had A LOT of very traditional furniture and I am, well, a little more funky eclectic then traditional so it was time to move on to something more my style.

Say hello to our newest member of the household-  Lola the Love Seat.  The kitties love her, the hubs doesn't hate her, and I am still deciding.  

I do love her nice lines and the color of wood she has for feet but I am not sold on the color or pattern she wears.  I am not sure when we get other pieces it will pull together or dare I try reupholstering something for first time? 

So I need your help...

Ignore the black bookcase {that is getting painted and put in the new office} and pretend like the floor is painted white.

Leave a comment here or on Facebook telling me what you think I should do:

Make it work as is!


Cover that old lady up!

Can't wait to hear what advice you have for me!

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