diy pew decorations

I am oh so happy to be getting married in my childhood church! For a long time I would whine and moan to my parents about getting married in our church because it was covered in orange shag carpet. Fortunately for me the shag carpet is gone and a beautiful burgundy has taken its place.

It is a very pretty church with large wooden rafters and all the perks of technology a girl could ask for. Lights that dim, a sound system that's amazing, and a projector screen that's just handy- as it lowers and raises upon demand! So with very little need to do much to the church I have decided to make only these pew decorations for the aisle.

They were simple to make. I have some bolts of tulle, my handmade flowers, and ribbon and lace I scored either for free or from the resale shops. The tulle comes doubled over so I cut three pieces, a yard and half long and layered them evenly on top of each other. I tied them all together, leaving about a foot of material on top, with a mix of ribbon and lace. I like the ribbon and lace go almost to the floor.

Then for the top I folded the material back and hot glued it, to make a little puff on the top. Then added my handmade flowers with some more glue. Easy! Took me about five minutes to make one. And I think they are a little dreamy don't you?

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  1. When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !


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