a sweet little lunch

I just got back from lunch with Ryan's grandma. It was the first time I had gotten to spend time with just Oma {that is German for grandma-how cute is that?} and I really enjoyed getting to know her better. The coolest part is that Oma was friends with my grandma since they were in their twenties! So nice to hear stories about my grandma and hear what she was like. How we were so much a like!

Then we went to my all time favorite spot-the fabric store! We were on a hunt to find the perfect flower girl/ junior bridesmaid dress for Rylee. And I am proud to say that we found it. Bought the pattern and we are waiting for a swatch of the bridesmaid dresses to pick out the fabric.

The most memorable part of the wedding planning process is how it really does bring family together. Sometimes I have to sit back and remind myself what a special time this is in me and Ryan's life. It feels like verge are right on the verge of something great and all the anticipation...it will be hard going back to real life where I am just a girl again..and no longer a fiance.

But again, there is life after the wedding. The other night Ryan was telling me I was his best friend someday he wanted to make a best friend with me. Such a sweet way to think about starting your family-adding another buddy. Sigh...life is good.

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