good old fashion bargin

So me and my mom hit the craft store jackpot this weekend! All of the glass pieces I wanted for the wedding were 50% off! Score! I got every piece I wanted except for maybe two {which I can always save up and go back for more} Can you tell which pieces are new and which ones I found at Restore?

I also found a bird cage originally the price above!

But because it was 50% off and because of this...

I got it for just $16.00!!! We are going to use it for the gift table to stick cards in! I don't even care that it's broken-no one is going to see the back! It was a great trip to the craft store with my mom and my man of honor {even though my brother was hungover he did his duty at the craft store and lunch afterwards at Olive Garden-hehe poor guy is probably going to be glad when all this is over!

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