finally friday

Sorry for not as much inspiration this week- I promise to have two DIY projects next week! It has been crazy around our house losing keys among other things. Did you know that it costs more then $250 to replace your keys in a Ford Explorer if you don't have a spare set? Outrageous! But on a more pleasant note we have finally, finally, FINALLY booked our honeymoon!!!

For weeks now I didn't think that I was going to be able to convince Ryan to leave the country. Not even Mexico or the Caribbean. He simple has no want to leave America {can you tell he is a Midwest boy??} It's hard to keep me in this country. So needless to say coming up with honeymoon we both agreed on was a challenge.

I am happy to say though that he is facing his fear of flying over the ocean and come September 8 we will be on our way to Paris!!! Booked our flight and hotel last night-non refundable! I don't think there are words to describe how happy I am. It has been four long years since I have ventured that way, in fact the last time was when I was coming home from living abroad. {I was a nanny in Germany}

So now it's all fun stuff! No more searching the Internet for countless hours trying to get a better price. No more heated discussions on where we are going to go. Now we can learn a little French, buy some cute clothes for the trip, and dream about cheese and baguette! Sigh...could life be much better?

So we are going to sit back and celebrate this weekend by watching French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Calvin Klein. One of my all time faves! What will you be doing this weekend?


  1. I hope he falls in love with Europe and wants to go all of the time! Seriously - how could he not?

    p.s. Keith and I were in Paris for Christmas last year and I put together a rather extensive list of restaurants. Our only bad meal was the one restaurant not on my list. I'll email it to you if you're interested.

  2. That would be awesome! I was worried about finding good places.

  3. Awesome - I'll email it to you soon!


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