wedding freakouts and skin care consulations

We are five months away from the big day and it feels like time if just running out! I think I am officially having my first wedding freak out {I spent my entire lunch hour yesterday crying in my car}. I feel like I just don't have enough time in the day. Sometimes I am jealous of fiances who don't live together. The whole wedding planning process seems so much more glamourous.

In my reality I am not just planning a wedding. I am taking care of the house because Ryan is working over time. We are constantly remodeling our house {which takes time and oh so much of our money}. We both have lots of family around and friends. So there are birthdays, and holidays, and it goes on and on and on. Our house is kind of like Monica and Chandler's apartment on Friends, someone is always there. And I just feel like I am losing my mind. I want to go away for a weekend but of course Ryan doesn't travel.

So I am tired. And stressed. And losing everything {yes another set of keys}. I want to share with you what I am doing but I just don't have the time! I promise that I have been DIYing and I promise to share with you soon! I have to be a better blogger next week!

Ryan promised me yesterday that he would help more {and complain less- grr} and that he would take me somewhere special this Saturday night. That is after we install a new front door and medicine cabinet and light in our bathroom. {never ending}

But I can leave you with nothing today so check out this! It's a skin care consultation that takes less then 3 minutes. I love sephora.com I will be making my selections in the coming weeks. I plan on starting a full on body makeover starting in May.

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  1. oh, honey, I so know how you're feeling. give yourself a break from the blog. I walk away for a few days at a time when I'm going nuts and it helps a lot. and don't feel bad about it either! xoxo


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