diy wedding flowers

This weekend I asked Ryan if he could ever image a life without me making flowers. He could not. Our wedding flowers have become a daily chore for me. I sit down I cut fabric. I do a load of laundry, and then I burn the edges of petals. I cook dinner and after I am hot gluing layers of flowers together. I am a one woman flower sweatshop. During my lunch break you can find me in the lab with a flame trying to burn as many edges as possible {if you want to learn what I mean by "burn the edges please check this out.}

So I guess I just wanted to share them with you because even after all that work just looking at them makes me happy. These flowers are going to be part of our wedding. I get a little thrill when I think about it that way. What's one more burn from the hot glue gun in the name of love?


I am a stay at home mommy so all adult conversation means I get to keep my sanity just a little bit longer...


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