wood burning pen

Sometimes it just handy to have carpenters in your family. My grandpa is a carpenter, my dad is one, and so is my brother. I grew up just assuming that all men knew how to fix stuff. They know tools. If I have a wedding project and I am not sure how to start I talk to them.

This weekend while in Restore {habitat for humanity resale shop} and they have a new craft section. Still in the package, brand new, is a wood burning pen. My brother is the one who pointed it out! I had no idea what it even was. I got it for $5 bucks and they sell in stores for about $10. Half price? I'll take that!

So now I am using it to make our table markers. To make these I simply used gold, glittery leaves I cut from a garland, a small wood sign from the wood craft section at Joann's, hot glue, and of course my new tool- the wood burning pen. I painted the sign gold and let it dry. Glued the flower and leaves and then burned the number. Easy peasy. I could crank these out in no time at all.

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