engagement photo session props

I hit the thrift store jackpot this weekend. Don't you love this vintage suitcase I found for only five dollars?!? I am preparing for our engagement pictures. It's a big time trend right now to style your engagement sessions and have a story that is being told. We are going with a vintage approach {of course!} We are going with a car breaking down on the side of the road. Possibly cliche but we have everything we need. Ryan's dad has a great old vintage convertible. Why not take advantage of the opportunity plus I know he would love to have his car in the pictures!

We are going to shoot in Ryan's hometown which is very old school rural America. It's like a time capsule. There are only two bars, a bank, and a water tower. But the best part is there is an old gas station that has been closed for years but still has the old pumps and everything. It's the perfect spot for a vintage photo shoot.

I am still trying to style our wardrobe. I am going to the vintage clothing stores this weekend. Wish me luck!

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