Maytag Bravo {a story about a new washer and dryer}...

A couple of weeks ago me and the hubs went to Menards {or SaveBigMonies like Ryan's Opa calls it}.  We needed new doormats and some light bulbs.  I also reminded Ryan that we needed to start looking at washers and dryers {since ours are 10+ years and aren't working as well as they use to and we got baby clothes to clean}.  Now you have to understand that me and Ryan have stict procedure codes that we {and by we I mean me} have to follow when making big purchases.  The rules are as follows...

01.  You must show due cause for the needed item and you must be very convincing {or whiny if thats what you have to resort to}.

02.  You must do loads of research and show all your findings to Ryan about cost and quality all while showing that it will be better in the long run with then new item {insert more whining if you think it will help}.

03.  You must plan your attack- errr I mean purchase in advance and not rush him.


01. Take him the Menards the day before the most awesome sale ends, causing him to have to decide right then and there that it's what he wants!

Voila! Our new Maytag Bravo washer and dryer set came last Thursday and I am SO excited.  Excited about appliances?  Heck yeah.  I do all the laundry in this house {cause I want to, not cause Ryan makes me} and I know how much this is needed.  It did help that I have been telling Ryan for months how poorly our old machines were doing and how hard I had to work to keep our laundry looking and smelling good.  

So far I am loving the new machines.  The washer is already making our clothes look cleaner and brighter {even without an agitator!}  and is so efficient with it's water and spin cycle that the dryer hardly has any work to do.  I am knocking out load after load and it is so much easier then my old process.  I will keep you updated with my review.

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