Wedded Bliss...

I am a little late with this post but on September 4th we celebrated our first full year of marriage.  It was pretty low key.  We slept in, hung out with family, got Buffalo Wild Wings to-go, and watched a scary movie OnDemand {my most favorite invention ever- who needs to go to the theaters when all you have to do is push a button and boom- new movie???}

Sound kind of lame?  Exactly and that was PERFECT.  After the wedding last year I was wiped out.  All I can remember from my reception is wanting to go home and sleep after 9 pm.  I did way to much DIY and I will be the first to admit it.  So this was the perfect way to celebrate, low key all the way.

This weekend we stepped it up a notch and went out to our favorite fancysmachy restaurant, Kofusion.   Ryan had the strip steak- or at least I think he did one minute it was there and then next minute it was gone!  I had the Alaskan Halibut with a red pepper sauce and it was amazing.  Beautiful crust and the sauce was so yummy that if people weren't watching me I would have picked up the plate and licked it.   It was delicious and I cleared my plate which made my hubby happy.  

After dinner we walked downtown a little bit and hit up Cream and Flutter, a little shop in downtown Champaign that sells cupcakes and wonderful little treats....or at least we thought it would be wonderful.  I had a red velvet cupcake and was so sadly disappointed.  Disappointed by both the icing and by the texture of the cake.  It was grainy and no bueno. 

I threw away my second one and if you have ever seen me and cupcakes you would never in a million years believe I threw one away {at my moms birthday party a few weeks ago I ate at least 8- I'm pregnant yo}.  Very disappointing but the shop is super cute and you can tell they watch the blog world and are crafty.  So A+ on aesthetics. 

*I do have to mention that I did have a brownie in a custom package we received at work as a thank you for referrals and I had a brownie {not available to purchase in the store} from Cream and Flutter and it was wonderful {but what good is it to have the best brownie of your life if you can't go buy one on your own???}  I do think I will give them one more shot with the cupcakes but maybe not the red velvet.

To top the whole evening off with one giant cherry we went looking at baby stuff!!!!  Since I am officially in the second trimester I figure it is safe to start looking around at places to register.  It was so much fun going to all the baby stores, picking out what we liked and needed.  Amazingly enough we agreed on almost everything!  It was so easy and fun.  Nothing like planning our wedding together or decorating our house.  When it comes to baby stuff me and the hubs are on the same page. 

I can't wait to go back and get crazy with the scanner.  I am dying for a shower!!!  I loved my bridal shower and have been eagerly looking forward to the baby shower...I hope someone is planning me one : ) cause I am ready to register and show up and look pregnant.  That's about all I do anyway these days.

Next weekend we are going to end the first year marathon celebration with a little trip to Le Claire, Iowa.  What? Yup, Iowa.  I figured since France was mostly all me last year, this year Ryan pick out our little mini vacay and he choose the hometown of the American Pickers!  It is his favorite show and I have to admit I am pretty excited to get away and to see the shop! It has been a good year and we are having fun celebrating who needs one day when you can spread it out over 3 weeks???

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