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Do you ever wish you could go to New York City but then think remind yourself how expensive everything is and how you couldn't possibly afford to visit?

Well I am here to tell you that you can't afford not to visit New York City.  Let me tell you how we do it on the cheap...it's a little hotel called The Colonial House Inn.  It is seriously the best kept secret in NYC.  I am almost afraid to blog about it because you people are gonna tell other people and I don't want to many people finding out!

Our room the last time 'round was only $160 a night...now if you are from the Midwest you are thinking "only" $160?  That is about $40 dollars cheaper then the cheapest hotel you are going to find on Priceline or Hotels.com in Manhattan.  And those are not going to be nice hotels with down comforters and amazingly clean rooms and bathrooms.

The secret to the cheapness is this...we had to share a bathroom that was in the hallway.  Now, not everyone is willing to do this but they are nice, clean bathrooms and we had no trouble getting in.  It's not like there is a huge line and it makes you late and your whole day has to revolve around bathroom schedules.  Our room was also very small but who cares we barely spend any time at all in that room.

Colonial House Inn is located in Chelsea, an awesome neighborhood of Manhattan, literally 1 block away from the #4 subway line that connects you to everything.  It is also a block away from the Chelsea Market and there were amazing restaurants every where you turn around.  Not to mention it is on a quiet side street so you don't have to listen to crazy traffic as you drift to sleep at night.

view from our room...

The hotel staff are all friendly and there is internet in the lower level, PLUS a roof top deck for sunning yourself and getting fresh city air. Added benefits include being in a brownstone so you get that whole "You've Got Mail" New Yorker experience.  By the way, if sharing a bathroom skeeves you out, they do offer other rooms with bathrooms included for more money.  All of the rooms are different but very charming. Try it out!  New York City is a must see.  My husband had to be dragged kicking and screaming there but he cannot wait to go back and this sweet little hotel secret is one reason why {Ryan likes things things inexpensive}

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