Travel Tuesdays {A Passport Series}...

I am gearing up for my last getaway before baby comes.  It makes me excited and a little sad that this will be my final adventure before I become responsible for another human being.  I think it is really setting in how much life is going to change- how there will be so much more to think about before I just jet away on a trip.  It complicates things but in the best way ever.

So in preparation for my trip I am sharing with you some of my favorite kind of clothes to travel in.  My airplane attire is usually chic and comfortable.  Layers are important because while it might be warm outside it could be cold on the plane or at your destination.  I never wear heels while traveling.  Flats are a girls best friend for running to catch flights {yes I have had to do that so I come prepared!}.  Another must have is a cute little carry on bag for all the essentials {magazines, lip balm, lotion, water, and gum for the take off and landing}.

 All Images via H&M

See?  You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort.  Cute boots, a slouchy sweater, and chic bag are a travelin' girls must haves. Just remember to show up to the right airport {fun fact:  United doesn't fly out of Midway in Chicago just O'hare which is a good 30-40 minutes away depending on which cabbie you get}.

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