This room will be the baby's...

This is going to be baby Sjuts' room...minus the chair and the curtains. Here are some of the must haves:

Big comfy chenille rocker with foot stool


Wall art and a mobile or two

A dresser in a cool, funky color

Maybe some floating shelves

A new coat of paint for inside of closet {details matter!}

Here is the inspiration for the whole room.  It was made by my Great Grandma McElwee and hung in my own nursery.  

It is funky,vintage and I am not planning on a doing a room too gender specific even though we are finding out what it will be.  I am loving orange, yellow, and green right now.  I want to be able to use a lot of if for baby number two- so we don't waste a lot of money buying all new stuff.  Plus I have some vintage blocks just dying to come out of storage.  Can't wait to start!!!

PS do you not love, love, LOVE the new carpet???  The kitties sure do.  They have been running around like crazy cats since they have traction again.

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