Truffles Tuesdays {cause sometimes you just need chocolate}...

I know you aren't suppose to eat a lot of chocolate when you are pregnant cause of the caffine blah, blah, blah but sometimes a girl needs a truffle or two {or maybe 10}.  Truffles are those kinds of treats that seem really complicated to make but that's not the real story.  Here is my no fail recipe...

Get In My Belly Truffles


Chocolate chips {the higher the cacao percentage the better- you want to shoot for something in the 60% to 80% range- I use Ghirardelli 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate chips}

1/3 Cup Heavy Cream {I didn't say they were good for you}

Cocoa Power {Again the higher quality of chocolate the better I use Green and Blacks Organic Cocoa Power- found at Schnucks}


In a sauce pan boil about 2 inches of water.

Once it comes to a bowl place a glass bowl into the hot water bath.  

Pour in chocolate chips and cream into glass bowl {the bowl in the water bath keeps your chocolate and cream from burning}, stirring often until thoroughly melted together.

Once melted take off heat and let come to room temperature, this takes about 45 minutes.

Taking either a small spoon or melon scoop, scoop out chocolate mixture and form little balls with your hands

Roll in the cocoa powder lightly and enjoy!

I made these for the girls at work and they went crazy for them.  They are such a simple treat to make but feel like a luxury.  So the next time you have a long day and need a pick me up you are only an hour away from chocolately goodness that would cost you buckoo bucks from a fine chocolate store.

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