I read about this site in Instyle Weddings. I don't take astrology seriously but I think it's fun to see what they say. When I lived in Germany the first thing a guy would ask you is "what's your sign" lol cheesy I know but they were really into it over there! So my boss- who was also American- bought some books on it so we could see what all the fuss was about. It can actually be very interesting if you don't invest too much time over thinking it.

Twins Tali and Ophira, authors of The Astro Twin's Love Zodiac, have all kinds of things for a bride to be. Everything from your how you and your groom's signs match up, which days are best for you to get married, and your love horoscope. Just fun things to pass some time at work right?

So hope you enjoy! I know I am going to check it out!

Image from www.astrostyle.com

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